“I can’t!” is the most common lie in the world!

People use it every day, they use it from the youngest age, they practice it all of their lives until finally they believe it.  I can’t is a common phrase but is it more than just a phrase, is it a great big lie?

If you have ever kept a tally of how many times you or someone else says I can’t in one day or one week you would be surprised how many times you limit your own abilities.  If you have ever been in a job interview or receiving a request from a boss you’ll find that you will probably never use the words “I can’t!” ‘t You’ll probably emphasise what you can do and even if you think you can’t do something you’ll probably walk away leaving your boss or employer believing you can and then work it out afterwards.

Yet in other aspects of life i.e. your personal life the chances are you will use the term “I can’t!” over and over again.  The chances are because you are in your down time in your personal life you are using the phrase “I can’t!” for lazy reasons, you don’t want to get busy thinking or doing so you make your excuse “I can’t!” in order to avoid even entertaining or engaging the thoughts behind the request.

“I can’t!” also steals your abilities, dehumanises your skills and defeats your chances at success.  People use “I can’t!” to disguise fear, to excuse fear to entertain fear but “I can’t!” really holds no power it is the attitude behind the words that is your worst enemy.  When we stop lying to ourself and use phrases like “I can but I just don’t want to.” or “I can but I’m scared.”  then at least we are being honest to both ourselves and others.

A great alternative to “I can’t!” is “I’ll try!” because “I’ll try!” gives you the foundation to attempt to succeed but you accept your reality that external forces might be able to stop you not through want in trying.

I’ll try also leaves room for defeat and doesn’t inspire others in your abilities but before we start anything we must accept that whatever one human being has achieved is available for us to achieve.  You might even have a disability or weakness but I can guarantee that you will find someone in time that has been able to achieve the task you believe you are unable to achieve because of those disabilities or weaknesses.

We have an empowering phrase that we should practice and perfect “I Can!”  If we want to we can achieve everything we put our minds to so the question is never if we can or if we can’t but more a question do we want to?  There should be no shame in saying that we don’t want to in fact there should be less shame in saying I don’t want to rather than I can’t.

There is even strength in being able to say I don’t want to someone or even to ourselves.  We are empowered because we have accepted we are able but by choice for our own personal reasons we choose not to.

So be empowered and stop the lie that de-humanises your abilities and your strength.


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