Britain’s Got Talent, so why is it so hard to find?


I can’t believe that I have lowered myself to blog about Britain’s Got Talent, for the trendy people BGT.  Each week I am virtually subjected to this show wherever I am and 1 hour seems to drag on so slowly.  I worry that a show by this name struggles each week to find its name sake “talent” and wonder if the rest of the world buys in this show to mock the English and raise their own self-esteem?

The fact that so many of the acts are from countries other than Britain is also a concern, are we actually that talentless that we need to extend our boarders to fit in anyone that applies or is this just an equal rights issue?

There is the odd diamond in the rough but without making this a comedy of so-called bloopers it would be a very short-lived un-interesting show, the number of real talent possibly being enough to fill all bookings for the Royal Variety show and still be in need for more.

Is the real talent not lowering themselves to enter such a competition, demanding more respect from their peers, whether they be comedians or singers, dancers or magicians?  I’m not sure, because let’s face it they don’t seem to be entering the show?  The alternative is too scary to think about, that Britain really does not have much talent at all?

If Britain does not have much talent why doesn’t it?  Didn’t we have talent all those years ago when the BBC broadcast to the World or did we just have a monopoly on global airwaves back then?  Are we excelling at other more important industries rather than entertainment, something we are taking more pride in and rightly so?

While America seems to have the stronghold on the global entertainment industry and Bollywood and Nollywood seem to have the biggest influence in their own cultural influence it leads me to ask where is the British influence when it comes to media?  News has been overtaken by CNN, Pinewood studios seem to have lost their edge although not their respect as they produce on behalf of international projects but aren’t renowned for their own productions and British film and TV seem to be very weak at present.  Are we not giving enough talented people a break because they lack the right qualification or come from the wrong area or peer group?  “Where is Britain’s Talent?” might be a better name for this show?

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t have any talent to validate my entering the show and representing Britain’s Talent so I myself feel just as much a part of the problem rather than the solution and thus don’t speak from some sort of bitterness or jealousy.

At some point in the future I can see a collaboration with CSI and a new show being born called “CSI looks for Britain’s Talent.”




3 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent, so why is it so hard to find?

    • The fact that they have strippers and pole dancers on the show says it all. As if a performance in front of Royalty will have the likes of these entertainers in the winning show proves it is an joke, why even permit them to enter the BGT show considering the prize for the winner.

      • exactly! you referred to it in your blog, but its simply just become a ploy for Cowell and co to make a bit of extra cash in my opinion. Either there is no talent and they are becoming desperate or there is talent but those with it would rather not enter such a low standard competition?

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