Making a bed, it’s just like folding a piece of paper.


I often question the things that others would never even bother thinking about and one of those things was “how many times do I have to walk around a double bed to make it by myself?”

My discovery was quite surprising, I carried out this test on a number of beds (don’t ask) and discovered that virtually every time I made a bed to a good standard took me 7 times walking around a bed.  If I attempted to do it in less I left a slightly messy bed and yet rarely needed more unless a strange freakish problem was met such as the duvet was twisted inside the cover.

This discover reminded me of the rule to folding paper, if you double over paper you can’t do it more than 7 times and anything under 7 times would not be a completed folded piece of paper.

7 seems to be a very important number if you look around in society, 7 being the most popular number when a recent survey was done, 7 crossing religions and nationalities, 7 days of the week is a huge tell tale sign.  So in this phenomenon regarding the number 7 we have the paper-folding and now the bed making.

So it seems that my pointless thinking might not be quite as pointless after all.


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