NFL Draft Pick 2014


The NFL Draft pick is nearly here and it’s a great snippet for the off-season if you are anything like me and missing the NFL season.

It is an exciting part of the NFL team building process where each team hopes to build the perfect team with those that are just coming out of College, all ready to go, at the beginning of their life as an NFL player.

It reminds me a lot of when you would pick a team in the playground, each captain takes a turn to choose the player they want and if your chosen player is picked by another team ahead of you in the choice order you miss out.

The order is decided by the order in which the teams finished last season with the lowest position first all the way to the top team choosing last.  This keeps things very fair each season and makes each season a very interesting free for all with no guaranteed favorites.

There are a few fill in rules such as trading orders etc. but ultimately it’s a very old school fair way of creating a team with these Draft picks.  This rule alongside the financial cap rule each team has to spend on players really does make for each and every season being anyones game.

I am looking forward to watching as much as possible and will be tuning in to the online video clips as each new player is introduced to the world of their new team.


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