The Watermelon Fallacy: why giving birth is nothing like pushing out a watermelon

I was just about to blog on this myself but after finding a blog that already had pretty much the same content I thought I’d just re-blog it. Men, don’t be fooled by your wife screaming this at you at some point over their pregnancy because it absolute fabrication. I caught a fish this big kinda thing.

Positive Birth News

Have you ever heard the line that giving birth is like pushing a watermelon out of a tiny hole? I have come across this on TV shows, blog posts and even in comments made by women who say they are supportive of natural birth and empowering women. These words certainly have a powerful impact on pregnant women but it is likely to be a negative and unhelpful one. Does the watermelon line make you look forward to greeting your baby and experiencing birth? Or does it fill you with dread and make you tense up at the thought of enduring such an ordeal?

Every pregnant woman needs to know that giving birth is actually NOTHING like forcing a watermelon through a tiny hole!

Your baby is nothing like a hard, inflexible, solid watermelon. Your baby is soft, fleshy and squishy. Even their skull is soft and flexible to help…

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