The Emasculation Emancipation

After the rise of Feminism an ugly thing occurred that was either the effects of feminism or the results of feminism extremism and that is the Emasculation Emancipation.

What do I mean by Emasculation Emancipation?  Quite simply this, that men have been trained to suppress the art of being a man, their natural tendencies and the skills that go with it.

Before feminism men were the head of a house/family and their natural thinking process was geared up in how to do the best for their unit.  Some mistakes were made but mistakes made and learned by is just training and in the end most families felt safe, well organised and well structured.  Children had boundaries and learned respect for others through learning to respect their parents, if they failed to deliver the due respect a Father would be the one to enforce and keep those rules in place.  All of this sounds pretty barbaric and archaic in today’s society however if we look at the things we all grumble about in today’s society we will see that they are all directly linked to the break down in the Father figure.


Lack of respect




Drug abuse

Teacher Stabbings

Declining grades and education

No care for our elderly

The list goes on and most of it was prevented by the old family structure.

Now you only have to look at the role of a man and his role ever depicted on the media.  A Man is now depicted as the least intelligent, weak, unsympathetic, a follower of his family rather than a leader.

Why has a man become so opposite to what he was?  It isn’t because man has changed, it is because man is lost.  Man is lost behind stereo types, man is lost behind a wall of fear, fear of how others will perceive him, fear he wont get a woman unless he becomes a modern man, fear of hurting someone’s feelings or offending others for who he is, fear he isn’t being a man correctly, fear he isn’t a man because he isn’t the man he’s told and socialised to be.

So this shadow of manliness in today’s society becomes weak and takes a formidable back seat role to the family, helping them all fulfill their desires even if he knows that their desires are contrary and not conducive to their general wellbeing and the better judgment for the benefit of the family as a structure.  When a man has momentary lapses in this modern man carbon copy and acts like an old-fashioned man he is frowned upon, argued with, berated and belittled, treated as an ogre (take for example the recent TV advert).   At this keeping him in his place a man then re assesses his mannish behavior and shrinks back into his weak insecure hole.

Women choose the man, a man must now prove himself to women, unless a man measures up to her modern man standards he is no good and men are living under the impression that they are under the authority of a woman even from this first choice in their relationship.  Men use comments such as “She is out of my league.”  Men have become insecure in their roles in the home other than to provide finances, anything above and beyond this is considered unacceptably intrusive into the family freedom of choice.

A home and family is the only place in society where we are learning not to submit or follow orders and instructions, the family is the only place where we are taught to rebel and not listen to those in charge, the family is the only place where the otherwise able man become disable.  A man can run a country or company, a man can manage people and projects, a man can perform heart surgery and brain surgery but a man in his own home suddenly becomes less than a man in the eyes of his family purely because in the office he knows his role but in the home his role is insecure.

Time the worm turns perhaps?  Time that natural instincts overthrow unnatural socialising?

It’s broken and needs fixing so something has to change.




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