5 A Day, the impossible necessity.


The British government has expertly assigned to each of its citizens the guideline to 5 fruit and veg a day to keep its citizens healthy and away from the NHS.

While Japan has deemed that its citizens need a whopping 17 a day to keep their citizens healthy it towers above our tiny 5 a day requirements, but exactly how realistic are these estimates to the average family?

If you did a few number crunches you’d probably begin to panic and planning your funeral based on the British 5 a day alone let alone the aspiration to be as super healthy as the Japanese populous.

If you average 1 punnet of grapes or carton of fruit smoothie as just one of your 5 a day pricing in at approximately £2 a portion and you needed 5 a day that will be £10 per person per day based on current GM pricing.  An average of 4 people per household on a bare minimum of £10 per day would be a whopping £40 per day for just your basic requirements, without any of the foods you might actually want to eat on top of that.  £40 per day per household will cost every home in England £280 a week on basic grocery needs to sustain a healthy life.

If we did the maths based on Japanese experts information the total cost per week per family of 4 will be a £952 a week in groceries for a basic healthy consumption.

So if we say that the Japanese are bit over the top and the British are being a bit wishful thinking we would perhaps compromise in the middle with 11 a day fruit and veg we would all be spending a grand total of £616 per week per family of 4 on healthy food shopping alone.

So for a basic cost of £2464 a month you can keep your family healthy if not what will the advised outcome be?  Illness?  Apparently so and if that is the case surely we would see those illnesses around us in society?  Well we already do.

GM crops, the great savior of mankind’s food needs has clearly failed to deliver and overpopulation can not be the problem because the costs are only so low because of supply and demand, if we reduce the global population as Eugenics believes we somehow need to  then the cost per basket rises because of the low demand.

Basic economics says that something must change because humanity cannot survive on these stats.

The answer as much as the big corporations will hate it will be to relearn to grow our own food as mankind survived on for all of history and how will this affect the financial deficit of our governments?  Not at all considering that the big corporations aren’t even paying their taxes due to loop holes.  So the tax wont really be too affected, and what the government loses in corporate taxes it could gain in savings on the NHS and sick days at work, strikes, slow spending on luxury items where most tax is made will increase and it will all balance out nicely and everyone gets to remain healthy.

Everyone wins except the Corporations whose profits might drop from £1 billion to a mere £400,000,000 instead.

Money isn’t everything.


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