Why we want to assume our loved ones have gone to heaven.

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Not a person in this world will never lose someone close to them, every one will have to lose someone they know to death’s cold grip and when they do they automatically assume they have gone to heaven.

The cold hard truth is that the chances are they might not have gone to heaven,  the other option would be hell.  That means we would need to accept that our loved ones might have gone to hell.

Who want’s to accept that their lovely relative or friend is in hell?  No one, however the fact is that that reality might just help save the lives of others.

We want to make ourselves God, the Judge of good and bad, we assume a murderer has gone to hell but our friend or relative never did anyone any wrong so they must surely have gone to heaven?

However the fact is that each religion teaches a different route to heaven and if even one of them is true the chances are our loved ones haven’t gone to heaven (by religious claims) at all.  For example the Bible claims that Jesus died for our sins because we aren’t up to God’s standards and are all not worthy of heaven.  If this claim is true then the fact is no matter how good you or your relative is they will go to hell, however God gave us a get out clause in the death of Jesus who died and went to hell on your behalf so that if you believe in him will go to heaven after all.  If these claims are true and you or your loved one dies without believing in Jesus dying for them they wont be going to heaven at all but hell.  These are pretty obvious warnings from God if they are from God, telling us not to assume our goodness will give us a free ride into heaven at all.

Can you imagine speaking at a funeral of your wonderful relative and giving the speech and saying “Aunty Betty is looking up at us right now from hell”  it doesn’t bear thinking about, in fact it would never cross our minds.  If we stop and think about it for a moment it might just get us to heaven if our Aunty went to the wrong place.  We might actually stop and think to ourselves “I wonder where Aunty is, I wonder what it would take for me to get to heaven rather than just assumptions?”

This question might just lead us in a search for answers, a search to find out for ourselves if there is a God, a heaven and hell and whether or not that God was going to let us get to heaven.  Perhaps that question might just lead us to repentance and a relationship with that God so that God can tell us the way to get into Heaven?

Without facing the cold hard possibility that our loved one, either man, woman or child might not have gone to heaven we will live in denial of our own possibility to damnation in hell.

This might seem a bit heavy and negative but that depends on the perspective on which you are reading this, it might just save your life after death rather than never even thinking about it and making the fatal error in assuming that you are getting into heaven just because you hardly break your own rules and are goodbye the standards of those around you rather than the standards of the one that will judge you in the end.

Thank about it!


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