Cancer, the big C word.

WARNING! Bad language in video clip.

After the fight between NHS and drug companies over the £90,000 cost of drugs to keep those with breast cancer alive for an extra 6 months I remembered this video by Chris Rock.

I was alarmed to think how much money we have all donated to Cancer Research and why it is that a company that was probably sponsored by our donations can charge to keep fellow humans alive.

So why are we donating to cancer research if the companies that find the cures or treatments then charge us extortionate amounts for the drugs they find?

Why if we find a treatment for a life threatening illness do we then have to make a profit off of our fellow humans to help them. It reminds me a little bit of charging someone in a drought £90,000 for water to keep them alive.

Why are the companies linked to causing cancer not invoiced these charges rather than the NHS or general public such as cigarette companies, antiperspirants, junk food, MSG, sweeteners, and the like? Why are those companies not charged the £90,000 for treatments? Perhaps those companies also hold shares in the pharmaceutical companies that hold the treatments to the illnesses they cause?

Chris Rock says in this clip that there is no money in the cure, the money is in the treatment and that makes me wonder if he was being humorous but based on the evidence it would seem he wasn’t joking he might actually have been onto something.

Cancer is the big C word, if C stands for Commission or Cost.
Either way look at the situation it is Inhumane, Unjust and down right evil.


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