The Rise and Fall of Anti-Semitism


No Sign of Palestine or Israel from this pre-900s World Map.

Is no one else seeing the ugly truth?

Europe is plummeting into the same direction it did at the start of the 2 world wars which the Cold war never did.  The Cold War never took place because it took a completely different path to the 1st and 2nd world wars but the current state of Europe and global politics is almost a Carbon copy of the last 2 wars.

The rise of Anti-Semitism across Europe is the common scape goat.  Israel is the blame of every instability in the world as we know it today if you believe the media that is, RT – BBC have made the Jewish people and nation the black sheep of the human family and we the people all need someone to blame for Austerity and recessions so hey, why not the Jews again?

The press keep referring to Palestine as if it was a state that existed before Israel which it didn’t and is very misleading and while the world is focused on the “so-called” atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians this is a great diversion for the atrocities that those “Saintly” nations themselves are perpetuating on a global scale.

Food giants kill and injure more people annually than most warring nations collectively with substandard food, GM food and Cancer causing foods.  Pollution caused by manufacturers and Fuel companies also linked to evils around the world that far outweighs any wars and the results to our planet.  Our lavish lifestyle in the West is the cause of far more deaths than any Wars globally as we the gluttonous West over eat and store up more than any man could need while the Developing world is raped of their human rights in order for us to feed that gluttony and yet we then sit in Judgment of the terrible way in which Israel is treating its neighbors the Palestinians.

We the Pot are calling the kettle black and refusing to acknowledge our own sins, but worse still we are blaming the Jews for the results of our Gluttony.  We seek to dominate more and more influence and land while Israel does the same, the only difference is that the Jews have as much rightful claim to the Land of Israel and beyond than we do in the lands we wish to dominate.  Israel grows all of its own food supply yet we complain the world is overpopulated and cannot sustain the world’s food needs while Monsanto and the like holds the world to ransom with Patented GM crops.

When I speak to people about this subject their lack of knowledge about this subject is scary but their opinions are deep-rooted and unbending, they are singing from the same hymn sheet as those I watch on the news channels and yet unable to process further information about the subject they hold such damaging views about.

There is always the need to blame and hold someone accountable for our mistakes, its human nature unfortunately, however there must be some truth or foundations to those accusations or they only heighten our sins by attempting to hide our sins.

The only way we can truly progress is when we acknowledge or mistakes, our gluttony, our sins of the past and present in order that we can avoid perpetuating those sins and ultimately our demise as a result of our sins.   During our time of plenty we failed to raise others with us we spent instead of saved, we showed off instead of blessed, we ate too much instead of sharing, we got fat while others died of starvation, we got rich off of the poverty of others and now we are reaping what we sowed.

ImageBritain ruled the Land called Palestine aka Jewish Palestine between 1918 -1948 and it was given to the Jewish nation as a Homeland because they were a nation without a homeland and because of the problem arisen by the 2nd World War needed one.  Israel gained land only when Egypt amongst other neighboring nations promised the Muslim Palestinians that they will defeat the Jewish population of Israel if the Palestinians made way.  The Muslim Palestinians did just that and moved aside and were dispersed into refugee camps in order that the attacking armies could have room to defeat their enemies.  Seeing as the Jewish Armies defeated all of their enemies in just 6 Days and with it claimed more land than was originally given to them by the British Empire.  Since that victory the Jewish nation has continued to give up land in the pursuit of peace and only resorted to acts of military aggression/defense based on terrorist attacks and neighboring military or militia activity.  Meanwhile the failed promises of the Egyptian attackers has left the Palestinians in those same refugee camps ever since, rather than their allies integrating them into their society and giving them citizenships for their huge mistake they have left them exactly where they moved to in the hopes of annihilating the Nation of Israel.

greater-israel-300x293Now let us consider the land mass of both the Nation of Israel and their Muslim neighbors, the Nation of Israel is less than 2% land mass of the total Middle East aka Muslim Territory and the Jewish people is expected to give up some of that tiny percent land mass rather than the Muslim nations doing exactly that for their Muslim brothers and sisters which would be the most obvious answer to Peace in the Middle East.

Let Us also consider the Land that both parties are arguing over: The land has been described by eye-witness accounts as cursed and barren, a waste land, a desert, a place where nothing grew.  It wasn’t until the land was full and green, until it was full of vegetation and crops at the hands of the Nation of Israel that a greater desire for the land took hold as well.

There is the religious background of the region and the religious beliefs to be considered in debate:  Islam hold that any land which was once in Muslim possession must be taken back as a life long goal, Islam has no Holy sites in Israel as Mecca and Medina are considered Islams Holy Historical sites, Judaism views Jerusalem as their Holiest site and yet The Temple Mount sits in the place of the Jewish Holy of Holies for their Temple (currently under further investigation) yet a non-required religious Muslim site remains on the most important Holy site.  Jerusalem remains carved up and in the hands of groups whose non-religious claim to the City remains uncontested and for the 1/5 of the Israeli Arab population peace is achieved comfortably with them being members of Knesset, members of sports teams and positions of high respect.

Let us also consider the Christian nationals in the “Palestinian land” places such as Bethlehem where it was once a majority Christian Palestinian Town a place where Muslim Palestinians moved in and changed the entire demographics to the point that they became the majority and this followed by the systematic driving out of the Christian Palestinians from Bethlehem their native homeland.  This is just one example of the so-called “Oppressed Muslim population”  Another example of this type of systematic takeover of the region is shown in Christian majority parts of Iran and Christian majority parts of Iraq, Lebanon a once Christian majority country had a huge influx of refugee Muslims move into the country during the previous wars such as Iraq and Iran and slowly turned the nation of Lebanon into a Muslim nation by bullying and overpowering of the Lebanese nationals, now Israel receives missile attacks on a daily basis from across the border from Lebanon’s members of  Hezbollah Terrorists.

Meanwhile Israel has humanitarian projects in places such as Syria which until recently would have been considered a military threat to Israeli security.  Iranians are sent to Israel to receive vital heart operations at the hands of Israeli Jewish surgeons amongst many of their humanitarian projects.

If this is a case of international pressure to give back all land to those who have a rightful claim the world might look very different overnight because we would all need to do it.  and if Israel/Palestine was to give it back to its historical rightful owners which would be those that descended from Cush or the Cushites aka those that predate the modern Egypt, the Black Egyptians/Cushites.  That’s right Arab Egyptians would have to give back Egypt to Africans and Palestine would have to return to its rightful owners the Africans as predates Modern Palestine.

To conclude:

So let us not rise up against a common enemy to blame for all of our sins, but rather repent and give our sins over to a common savior who coincidently will come out of the same Jewish people whom we are so clearly hating upon, the Messiah, the sacrificial lamb of God whom some say has come in Jesus and others still await, either the Messiah all the same.


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