Kids TV, Advertisers Utopia!

A little girl watching TV Sweden

My pet peeve! If you’ve ever sat down to watch kids TV you would have seen that they are bombarded with advertisements from toys to washing powder.

I find this very offensive, not because I don’t like the products or feel that my kids entertainment is free to produce, it is because it is a form of brainwashing my children into favoring the products they relate to their favorite shows and the feel good factor that comes with it.

I got so upset one day by the fact that the adverts seemed longer than the shows they were watching that I timed them, the advertisement break recorded over 6 minutes. I could not believe it, 6 minutes of toys, washing powder and insurance adverts.

I have been so appalled at this abuse of freedom I committed to purchasing the chosen DVDs instead in order to avoid advertisement brainwashing. To add insult to injury when I played some of the DVDs they were locked so that the adverts at the beginning of the feature had to be watched to get to the feature itself. I know that modern technology doesn’t require this function because not all manufacturers do this after all how many kids do you know that don’t want to hurry through to the feature they have selected?

There must be a better way to fund kids TV than brainwashing the kids with products and using our children to advertise to us parents especially if you pay for your TV kids channels .


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