A Smile!


A smile is worth a thousand words, you tell someone so much with a smile.  Just 7 muscles tells others so much, a smile is contagious.

A smile crosses languages, cultures and nationalities.  A smile can brighten a room, a smile can change the mood in peace talks, a smile can make someone’s day.  Don’t get me wrong there are creepy smiles which can also ruin a day but I’m talking about genuine smiles..

If you stand next to someone at the bus stop and give them a genuine smile you tell them about the inner you, the approachable you, the nice you.  If you smile at someone of the opposite sex because you are genuinely interested in them whether it be in a friendly way or attraction  that genuine smile will do more for you than any chat up line.

A genuine smile while you approach that little old lady on the street will change her fears into security that you are friend not foe.  A genuine smile to that kid in a pram while they stare at you at the checkout tells that kid the world isn’t as hard and cold as they are beginning to believe.  A genuine smile tells your loved one you are pleased to see them.  A genuine smile is of more value than gold, more shiny than diamonds and more communicative than a great speech.

The question isn’t the value of a genuine smile, the question is why aren’t we using this high valued commodity more often?


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