Travelling Companions


One of the things I most liked about travelling around the world was all of the interesting people you meet that are also travelling around the world.  One of the things I would have appreciated was meeting those same fellow travellers before I set off on a journey to perhaps travel with them when going away.

Back in the day if I could not enthuse anyone to holiday or travel with me I wouldn’t cancel my trips, no way, I went anyway and sometimes it was a great experience and other times felt quite lonely.

Today with the internet those times have changed and you can meet people from all over the world in a virtual boarding lounge and none as beneficial than the site I have just found.

Although it appears to be a new website when first visiting you can see the possibilities right there in front of you in its menu bar and as the site continues to grow I can see it being a real source of help and oasis for those seeking to travel.

The site I am speaking of is called Travelling Companions, currently working out of and is a worthwhile look and add to your favorites list.  The site is geared up for holiday makers and global travellers to meet fellow travelling companions in order to travel with them or swap stories and hints and tips.  The site has helpful links to travelling information such a passports, visas and vaccinations.  There is space for tour operators, accommodation, flights, hire cars, coaches, travelling equipment, deals etc. to advertise on the site as well as a job advertisement board aimed at those looking to work their way around the world.

All in all a great place to visit and register with, if you want to or love to travel.


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