Taking pleasure in being a pessimist makes you an optimist.


I meet a lot of different people and bother to actually meet them, speaking to them you can get to know someone really quite quickly because people delight in nothing better than speaking about themselves.

I don’t mind if you are optimistic or pessimistic however I often meet a pessimist that actually enjoys and takes pride in being pessimistic but the joke is on them.  These types are fake pessimists not real as they would like to believe and you can tell this because pride and joy are both positive feeling emotions and that means that in their positive emotion about being pessimistic they are actually being optimistic.

Let me put it like this “I am a pessimist and that’s great news.” which is kinda what they are saying in an indirect way.

So next time you meet a pessimist that takes great pride in pointing out just how pessimistic they are you will know the true from the fake pessimist simply by how they view their pessimism.

A true pessimist will think like this “I assume that I am a pessimist but I don’t know for sure and not knowing if I am or not is far worse than knowing I am a pessimist.”



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