Why are we all looking up to the youngest brother?

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If you were 25 years old would you look up to your 2-year-old brother for life lessons? If you were 50 years old would you be looking up to your 25-year-old brother for life skills?  So why does so much of the world look up to America, hanging on their every word like it was the Gospel?

America is only a 400 year old nation birthed out of youthful rebellion from under its older brother’s teaching (Old England) yet it has a global influence that far outreach its age.

Nearly every nation on earth far out dates America by thousands of years, well established, well versed, well-educated, well learned nations that have “been there, seen that, and still wear the knitted jumper”, yet all step down in humble fear of this their younger, faster, stronger, fitter younger brother.

When we take our lessons from our rebellious, teenage, younger brother we are learning its teenage ways of how to dress, how to act, how to think, how to feel and let’s face it taking lead from a teenager is rarely a good thing.

So why do we keep doing it? I think it is the same reason we would in life, pride in the pointless.  I believe we see our teenage younger America as cool; strong; trendy; fun; getting the lady’s attention; in the prime of life and so we in our national midlife crises want the dyed hair, sports car and hot 20-year-old on our arm (figuratively speaking).

We have lost sight of the really important things in which to take pride in, such as wisdom and experience.

Is it a case of the Joseph nation?  From the story of Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat Joseph was the second to last son but all of his brothers were foretold they would bow down and worship him.  Perhaps it was some strange similar situation to this?

Personally I am not happy with this misguided global family structure and would rather see it in a more organised structure, with the elders first and the respect your elders principles. To finish, if there is an eternal God then He should sit with age, experience and honor as head of the house and we should all look up to Him, but that’s another blog altogether.



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