Inside and out, the gender domains.


Some old ways just will not die whether we like it or not such as women have babies men don’t, men pee standing women don’t, men can eat more calories women can’t, women can look good in breasts men can’t.

One of the age-old gender struggles that will not die is the inside/outside domains.  Men say things like “a woman’s place is in the home”, “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” now this might sound archaic and old-fashioned and even chauvinistic but when we look closer at the principles we will see a natural order rather than oppressive dictatorship.

A woman will always say things such as “get out of my kitchen” and manage the food stocks within, if a man dares bring in high fat foods or high sugar food, beers or snacks the chances are a woman will defend her domain and make it known that a man has no rights bringing such tainted foods into her domain, especially if there are children in the home.  A woman adds ingredients to a kitchen such as fruit and veg, lean meats and high fiber foods, grains and pulses.  The there is the decor of the inside of the house, rarely do you see a man’s fingerprint on the inside of a home with the addition of floral patterns, pastels fluffy pillows and impractical side units.  If a man is lucky enough he will get to choose items such as a TV or PC for the study/office but only on approval of his wife’s choice of colour and size.

The lay out must always be in favor of the woman of the home such as utility rooms, airing cupboards and wardrobes being in just the right position in order that her job is easier even if that means that a man has to go to the spare room down the hall in order to get to his wardrobe where his clothes are kept.

Now we shall study the outside of a home:

The shed is a rough and ready place, well organised like a teenagers bedroom, there is no floral patterns or fluffy pillows here just sharp edges and grass stained tools, there is nothing pretty in here unless a Daffodil should happen to stow away on the lawn mower somewhere.  This tiny little wood sanctuary hold no frills no spills (other than oil) no comfy soft surroundings yet a man will be able to spend every summer in and out of his shed from the earliest sign of a gardening day to the first frosts.  Why does he do this? Is it because he likes it and has a passion for all things agricultural?  Not at all, it’s simply because the male environment is outside the house.

The garage is another sign of man’s domain being outside of the house.  It is usually a cold and hard concreted environment, filled with oils and cold metal of all shapes, sizes and colours, it also has no signs of floral patterns, pastels and fluffy pillows, in fact the chances are he will have an old floral pillow (which his wife was throwing out) which has all but lost its fluffiness and is slowly exchanging the floral pattern for a new and more manly oily patch.  It is filled with bikes and rarely houses a car as the car sits guarding the garage door parked on the drive, after all, the garage is far too much valuable outside the house space to simply house a car when it could be another space for a man to spend his days, usually the winter days when the shed has become too cold to hide away in.

So there we see, it’s not out of male chauvinistic reasoning that a man says a womans place is in the home or in the kitchen it is in fact out of natural observation of gender behavior.


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