Easter, Passover and the Offside rule.

I can only liken trying to describe the Easter story and its links to Passover rather than its links to the pagan festival “Ishtar” as likened to trying to explain the offside rule to a female.

You can explain it from many examples, you can speak until you’re blue in the face, you can use utensils and drawings, you can use movie clips and diagrams, you can try day after day but some things are simply not explainable especially when the listener actually has not interest in the rules of the game.

Does that not mean we are ignorant of the rules, or perhaps rule breakers?  In a way if you want to play football you have to play by the rules and in the same way if you want to practice a religion you are expected to play by the rules or risk not only being thrown off the team but having the god punish you for your sins.

Which could possible leave the third possibility after ignorance and rule breaking……We want to be our own God picking and choosing the rules we live by even inside our chosen religion.

If I try to play football and break the rules I cant expect to play for too long without being sent off or kicked out, no matter how good I am at football.  I assume the same with religion, no matter how good we think we are if we don’t play by the rules then we aren’t really playing the game correctly.

I often wonder whether the keeping of Easter in replacement for Passover rather than celebrating Passover isn’t much like turning up for Sunday league football on a Saturday, you can be there with a whole bunch of other players, have a game but it wont count for much seeing as it was played on the wrong day and unless the officials sanction the game for obvious reasons the goals scored wont count for much, merely a friendly rather than a league game.  

Or perhaps…..

A wedding rehearsal, practice reception, you get all the way up to the alter and can even practice your vows but you aren’t really married until the official wedding ceremony…that is often how I imagine the Easter festival when ignoring the Passover festival.

Does it matter, really?

I’m not sure it really matters when all is said and done, at least it doesn’t matter to salvation in Christ, but perhaps in the bigger spiritual realm of things it does?  There are scriptural verses which point out that the keeping of dates isn’t important to salvation and that we are not offend each other by keeping one day more sacred than another if it causes our fellow Chrsitans to fall into sin, paraphrasing here, so perhaps it doesn’t matter at all, however for me looking at it I would presume it is much like a Birthday or Party whereby the host asks you all to attend the party on the 12th and three of four people don’t attend the party but turn up at the house three days later expecting to partake of the festivities.

Why am I blogging so much about Easter and Passover?  I guess because it has been seven days long so far and I have much thought on the subject over the whole seven days.




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