What a mix up over Easter!

There has been some terrible mix ups over Easter i.e. I thought my wife was getting the chocolate eggs and she thought I was, Aunty Betty not getting picked up on time for Easter dinner, sending a boy’s Easter card to my friend that just had a girl, but none as big as this one mix-up!

I stumbled upon the ancient text with the words “Jesus is a Rabbi” on it but there is a Crucifix drawn after the word “Rabbi” that looks very much like part of the word which makes it read “Jesus is a Rabbit”  

I believe it was this text that has caused the obvious mix up with Easter and the “Easter Bunny” it should have been an “Easter Rabbi” not “Easter Rabbit”

You can now see how through the years the mistake has taken hold of the spirit of Easter.

“Hope you have a good one whatever you end up doing.” – Benji Man’s Blogs




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