Is the light getting lighter or the dark getting darker?

jesus hunting the easter bunny

This weekend is a great time to reflect on humanity, after all it is most commonly known for its connections with Jesus’ death and raising from the dead.

Whatever your beliefs in this festival it is a time where one man believed that by his death he would save all others from hell so he allowed himself to be killed a horrible death to do what he believed he could and save us all from hell.

Imagine if your child or yourself was drowning and a man jumped in the water to rescue you and that man knew that he would die in order to save you…… Imagine that you were caught smuggling drugs out of some country and were about to be put to death and some man, a stranger says he will die so that you can go free……….now imagine how grateful you would feel towards that man…….

As the times we are living in seems to be growing darker around the globe with so much bad news death, destruction, wars, disease, hatred, starvation, natural disaster, etc.  there is one light that is becoming increasingly lighter, the message of Jesus.

The teachings off Jesus is becoming increasing desirable as people are becoming more and more selfish and helpless, as societies become more destructive and less loving Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness becomes increasingly appealing, unless you are a part of the problem rather than the solution that is.

Even the Easter message has become cloaked in a golden fleece of money-making gluttony as there is no money to be made from the real Easter message a trade becomes inevitable that we focus upon Rabbits and chocolate eggs, Easter presents and Hot Cross Buns (leavened bread) because these are highly marketable and “religiously non offensive”.

For me, the message of Jesus becomes more and more appealing as a focus of hope and love rather than the everyday one of fear and hate.


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