Stripes for men are back!


Plain, plain, plain has been the call for too long at menswear stores.  A plain blue shirt under a plain black suit, a plain salmon shirt under a plain grey suit, a plain white shirt under a plain navy suit has been the go too menswear for far to long.

$(KGrHqJ,!o4FJ,yttYnIBS(LJByDow~~60_35Are men really that safe, that boring, that uninteresting that he has stunted his creative part of his brain?  It appears so.  In a society with less creative expression there are less inventors and the like, however in societies with excessive creative flare you will see a large and progressive society.

English reserve and conservativeness is stifling its competitive edge in the global market as it’s society fears creativity in its styles.  Plain and ordinary is adopted through fear of being different and not fitting in with their contemporaries.  Go for a job interview looking anything but ordinary in a plain suit and shirt and the chances are you may not get the job through fear of your expressive nature and  nonconforming spirit.

images (36)Well the current ordinary is now changing and stripes are finding their way back onto the workday streets.  Not just any stripes but colourful stripes such as light blues, pinks and purples and to be honest I love it.

Pin stripe suites, striped shirts rather than the safe and plain stripped tie on a plain shirt background.  Not near the flamboyant patters and colours I think our society is in much need of, not near the creative cuts and patterns we are currently lacking but it’s a step in the right direction.

00004fI would see men going to the office in denim jeans, a shirt and jacket in America and it was completely acceptable yet if you even dare try that in England even when not at the office you would be considered a little odd.

There are the obvious rules that govern clothing styles but these are very broad if you want to make use of their fullness however in England the path is narrow and much of the boundary area is never explored or made use of.  Times have changed and leisureIndo-western-suits now meets smart in a blurred grey area not being properly explored and that is a waste of creativity and time.  Why time?  Well now is the time of investigating the gray area at its birth but English men are busy at work in conventional suits while this baby is growing up in their absence, in other words they are missing out and eventually we will look around and try to jump on the fashion band wagon when it’s already grown up, alternatively we will pride ourselves on our “classic” styling which is really just an excuse for missing the boat, as we have done so often in the past.

B_Modern-Dandy-African-Print-Suit-JacketI look at places like China and Korea and see their wonderfully experimental cuts on suits, I look to India and Africa with their wonderful patterns on their suits and think what are we doing?  I look at America’s creativity with smart and casual and think why not us?  But the answer is always “we aren’t ready yet.”  Which is a crying shame and quite honestly backwards.

When I see patterned shirts plain ties and denim jeans worn with a great cut Jacket I will know that England’s arrived and thrown off the bondage holding back their creativeness, in that day I expect I’ll also see an inventor society at the forefront of design and technology rather than accountancy, banking, engineering and “classic” fashion.



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