Passover around Easter but why?


I have said it before, I like reading and learning, none more than in a search for God or the lack there of.

Today is passover, a Biblical festival, one that “God ordained”, it is a festival to celebrate the redemption of the Jews from Egypt.  Most people know as the story of Moses.

The Jewish people claim it theirs, the Muslims claim Moses a Muslim but don’t celebrate it and the Christians don’t seem to have a clue about it.

The first two religions seem quite content with their stance regarding Passover but the Christians seem confused by the whole Passover aspect to their New Testament.

Jesus was Crucified at Passover, Jesus claimed to represent all fulfillment of Passover and it would seem that the Passover festival of the Old Testament was a forerunner for Jesus fulfilling the prophecies regarding passover.

Even with all this Bible evidence it seems that Christians have rejected Passover for a replacement festival called Easter which is in fact a pagan festival adopted as Passover many, many years ago.

At Passover there is a sacrificial lamb which Christ was said to be, at Passover Jesus broke unleavened bread and called it his body which at Passover you do minus the body of Christ bit, at Passover Jesus drank from the cup of red wine and called it his blood and Christians keep this practice and call it communion, yet the very festival from which it came they fail to recognise.  It is also missed that the Passover bread is unleavened i.e. yeast free, the yeast represents “sin” and yet every time I see a communion it is 99% of the time with leavened bread i.e. containing sin, if it is the body of Christ why is a Lamb free of sin containing sin?  The Bread at Passover has to be striped and pierced in order that it is Kosha and Christ was whipped aka striped and pierced i.e. crucified and his side was pierced by a spear.

I find it strange that a festival so important as this can be ignored and replaced by a pagan festival and even once the problem has been highlighted a continued ignorance by choice.

I turned on the Christian Channels and flicked through them on the evening of Passover and found not one program making reference to the fact that it was the festival of their Lord and Savior Jesus.  This troubled me for one simple reason, do Christians not read the Bible they claim to believe is the Inspired Word of God?

If a Christian is unaware of this major piece of information then where else have they made their mistakes?  I don’t believe that Christians are meant to be know it alls or as perfect as Christ not by a long shot however………

There is so much information available now and there really is no excuses as to this lack of understanding, I take into consideration that Christians have only had real access to their own Bible for perhaps 100 years or so which makes it almost a new religion seeing as everything they know and trust was fed to them by organised religion that would not allow them to have access to the Bible for 2 main reasons 1. The cost of producing a Bible made most books very expensive. 2. The Holiness that the Bible was perceived to be was untouchable by the common man.  I would say that it was in order to control the masses however that is a mere claim and would be a foolish act by those that had access to the very thing they protected and claimed to believe in.

To conclude:  The day that Christ was said to have risen would be Thursday 17th this year and while the Easter festival falls annually around the same time as Passover they are two separate dates but the same festival.  This continues to separate Christians from the root which is Judaism and Jews from the knowledge that Christianity finds itself in the Jewish roots and not 2 separate religions at it would seem.  The strange thing in this case is that the Jewish nation has issues with the Christians because they persecuted and killed Jews throughout history but it was the early Jewish church that were persecuted and killed by the Jews and yet remained loyal and open rather than closed and protective.

There are more issues of confusion caused by the unknowing of the dates of Passover and that is the current “signs” being experienced.  In the Christian book of Revelations, a prophetic New Testament book, there is mention of the Last Days blood-red moons and this year on 4 Jewish Festivals there is a blood-red moon on each of them, one of them being Passover.  So to see the significance of a blood-red moon on Passover you’ll miss it because there is no such act of signs and wonders at the Christian Easter aka Passover.

Plenty to think about.


3 thoughts on “Passover around Easter but why?

  1. Yep, it certainly is a bit off. But I thought TV Christianity teaches us the only way to get to heaven is by credit card.

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