Unfortunate food names.

 This blog is all about the silly.

Unfortunate food names was inspired buy some Ghanian food in a jar called SHITO!  Yes you heard me right, this food clearly wont travel well into English speaking countries “Shito in a Jar”  would not be a top selling product.  

This was a follow up to an old theory I had about “Why people don’t like eating vegetables.”  based on vegetable names.

Think about the names of vegeterrorbles and you’ll see what I mean:

Leak – Leek

Po’tato – Poortato 

Celary – Sell larry

Tomato – Toemato

Cucumber – Que’cum’ber

Peas – Pees

Lettice – Let Us. 

Carrots – Car rots

Beetroot – Beat root

All of these are negatives as you can see.


Here is a list of unfortunate food names to tickle your fancy:



The end.



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