Terrorist! The new go too word.


I am a lot concerned about this new trend because the implications are far-reaching and very risky.  Whenever a news report speaks of a government around the globe taking measures against a group the government now says they are combating terrorism.

cover-of-the-book-greenpeaceFreedom fighters are terrorists, Greenpeace activists are terrorists, opposition leaders are terrorists, the general population that disagree with the government are now terrorists.  This new trend reaches to ridiculous levels where you hear of Christians and Greenpeace activists along with supporters of Amnesty International all going on the list of terror groups.

Any justified war on a group of people who disagree with the government can now be called a terrorist and once you have declared a group terrorists the general population will turned a blind eye to any malicious activity towards that group as acceptable law and order.

A terrorist no longer needs to conduct an act of violence or even threaten it, those days have now gone, all you need to do to be gt the terrorist label  is to support or run a counter view towards the current system in any one country.

old woman's hands on bibleUnfortunately it doesn’t stop there, some professionals are now saying that people who don’t conform to the mass opinion or order of the day do so because they suffer a mental illness.  This theory now goes into new levels of danger as not only will a free thinking human being be labeled a terrorist because they oppose the current system but they will be considered crazy terrorists suffering a mental disorder.

The concern I have is this leaves no real room for justice, if a person or group has a different ideology to the masses that doesn’t mean they are wrong and the masses are right but now it not only means they are wrong and the masses are right but that they are a threat to society because they are either terrorists or crazy or both.

Let us take this concept and grow it a little, if a government such as Hitlers Germany tells the people it what right and wrong is then the people by nature will accept that ruling power as right and any thought against it is wrong, so assuming that the Nazi party was wrong that would mean that anyone that believed differently to this was a terrorist or crazy which is madness in itself.

It just reminds me of a much-loved story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.


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