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A statistic rarely quoted in the national press is the fact that every 7 seconds it is said that a Christian is killed, tortured, imprisoned and persecuted for not renouncing their faith.

NewsweekLogo-1 [Converted] Today Christianity is one of the most persecuted and marginalised religions with people being put in prison, tortured and killed for their beliefs.

Is this the cycle of life repeating itself “what goes around comes around.”  After all Christians did persecute and kill non Christians as well as torture I.e. The Spanish inquisition, witches burnt at the stake, homosexuals persecuted, the crusades  etc?

I would like to say yes because that would make my sense of justice be put at ease however it’s never that simple, let me explain:

christian-persecution-in-middle-east-on-the-riseIf we look back in the history books even from the Birth of Christianity you will see a divided religion with one side organised and powerful and the other side free and persecuted.  Jesus was a part of the Jewish religion and nation, he spoke of freedom and had no earthly power and was persecuted and eventually tortured and killed for speaking out and his beliefs by the religiously organised and powerful.

Then you read of Jesus’ followers that had the same outcome, fast forward to the time of Constantine where he adopted Christianity as his own and forced the religiously pagan Roman empire to become Christian or be cast out of Roman citizenship was another case of organised religion controlling the people through fear and bullying.

Christian-persecution-IndiaIn fact you can fast forward to most events, if not all events, in history where you see murder, torture and persecution at the hands of so-called Christians you’ll see it was always the organised sect of Christianity, after all the non religious Christians were called to the same persecution and deaths for their beliefs as the non Christians.

What am I getting at?  Quite simply this, that today the Christians in the statistics are typically of the “non religious sect.”  While the “religious sect” get to enjoy a sense of protection and legalised practice even in countries where Christians suffer great persecution.  6a00d834526d9869e20147e1c0b191970bThat means that it isn’t in fact “what goes around comes around”  it is in fact what goes around keeps going”  as those who once persecuted now enjoy protected practice of their beliefs while those persecuted from the beginning continue to be persecuted and killed for their beliefs.

I recently heard about the troubles in the Central African Republic, where the Christians are forcing the Muslim’s out of the country and stealing their live stock.  This is obviously wrong on any level and there is no justification for this especially within the beliefs of Christianity but in this case the reasons are clearly much more complicated than a religious reasoning.  The Christians in the country are native to the land and the Muslims were invited in by the government for the benefit of meat as the Muslims were expert farmers of live stock, whereas the local Christian communities were arable farmers.  The Muslim farmers of live stock were becoming quite wealthy from their meat produce and with that they were becoming quite powerful and influential.  The poorer Arable farmers have seen this for themselves and have become jealous and concerned and been angered to desire this wealth for themselves.  So as you can see it is more of a Cain and Able situation rather than a religious situation.

christian-persecution-in-the-militaryMany would argue the same of Hitler and his persecution of the Jewish people, where it was financially motivated but happened to be a religious issue of Jewish wealth.  Hitler was considered a Christian and yet put many Christians to death in his prison camps as well.

Why is there so much coverage of this Christian on Muslim persecution in The Central African Republic yet so little of the Christian persecution globally?  I don’t know for sure.

Why are these deaths and imprisonments not regularly in our media?  You’ll have to ask them.



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