The Beginning of the End?

Can humanity sustain another World War?

Are we on the verge of a new World War?

What will a modern war be worth to any side?

Why can’t we all just get along?

At the last two World Wars we had a different world than the one we have today and I can;t see that the world could survive another World War if that is where we are heading.

It seems that lines are being drawn in the sand and people are taking sides just as they did before.  It seems that agreements are being drawn out and old boarders are under dispute.  Military movements happening globally and daily.  But what would a new era World War mean to humanity?

I can only look back at the results of the last two great wars and assume that another war would be 10 times worse with modern technology and global movement.  I can only assume that life will be harder as each country relies so heavily upon another for its resources unlike the past Wars.  I can only imagine that a new era World War would be detrimental to international business as boarders get closed and new enemies spring up.  I can only assume with currencies being supported by each other would cripple economies over night.  Investments from the last 30 years would become worthless overnight and countries will use all savings and personal finances to fund the war.  I can only assume that overnight neighbors and best friends will become enemies because of the international migration.  Wives, Children and husbands will be torn apart as interracial marriages will be split up and nationals sent home.  

Say goodbye to international flights and holidays, life as we know it and have worked so hard to build up will become no more, which will be fine for less developed nations struggling to come up but for developed nations the risk is far greater as overnight the progress shall digress back into a developing nation and perhaps all will become third world countries once again with the need to rebuild after the War “IF” there is anything left.

Peace is our only option, it is the only option for both sides, it is the only option for all of humanity.  When I say peace I don;t mean perfect peace as in no Wars or fighting because that would be expecting the impossible, however I say peace as in what we virtually had until recently.  Small fraction groups around the world fighting under the guise of terrorism and national defense, minor scuffles between boarder disputes that can only be compared to arguments within marriage but on a bigger scale, it’s not at divorce level which is all out war it is at sleeping on the couch not speaking level which is far more manageable with far less disruption, anger and hate. 

Once all out war kicks off the gloves come off and the fallout of divorce begins, the rage, anger, hatred, revenge, fight for it all begins and that is where the world ends, sides must be taken and old friendships become no more, turmoil reverberates further and further until only once one party has won and all involved have suffered great loss will it finish but never really end.

You only need to look around the world at old waring nations to see a dormant hate just waiting for another chance meeting for the war to resume.  

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!


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