Charlie: Candy Mountain

I was recently introduced to this video and their name shall remain unknown in order to hide their identity so not to shame them.

Firstly I can not believe that this video has as many views as it does, secondly I can only assume that the viewers were stoned out of their heads when watching this because it would be the only state of mind that could actually truly enjoy it, which concerns me as that is a very large number of drug users.

This youtube clip has 13,000,000 views and that is a lot of very strange disturbed people or drug users.

Don’t get me wrong there were parts of it that were funny, but overall to really enjoy this you would need to be high on something.

I can only imagine how this would be received by those that were high on drugs and would like to see a recording of someone high watching this video.

Overall, an instant cult classic, for students and junkies alike.


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