Snog or Blog? That is the question.


Some say that blogging is better than snogging, they get more out of it, it’s less messy and more fulfilling.

I’m not sure I agree but I can see where some might enjoy a good blog opposed to a good snog especially if you have become addicted to blogging or earn an income from it.

I think that a lot of people if they are very honest with themselves might agree that a good blog beats a good snog, after all the chances of reading or writing a good blog perhaps is more common than a person you can have a good snog with.

Perhaps blogging is not that different from snogging, after all there are good, bad and terrible of both, there are those that make you chuckle, those that make you think and those that make you repulsed.  A good blog or snog might go on for ages or be short and to the point,  a snog and a blog is about a mutual exchange which can end up being not what you both thought.   You can end up with followers if you are good at blogging and snogging and either you desire a reblog and a resnog.  Some earn a living from blogging while others earn an income from snogging, some get a good or bad name from blogging while others from get a good or bad name from snogging.  Some people will blog with just about anyone while others will snog with just about anyone.  Some need a regular blog to feel better while others need a regular snog to feel better.  Some have failed to snogging so go back to blogging while others have failed at blogging and gone back to snogging.  As for me, I like to think of my self as a bit of an expert at both 😉 but then don’t we all.

Whatever your preference you are entitled to it and in both cases feel free to kiss and tell. 😉


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