How do we know we are getting “it” wrong?


Most people in life are getting “it” wrong yet defend themselves with a passion that only those getting “it” right should do.

But how do we know if we are getting “it” right or wrong?

By it I mean life, each of us only has one life to live and depending on your perspective depends of whether or not you think you are getting “it” right.

I hear so many say “it’s my life.” as if they are somehow permitted to get it wrong if they choose, which to some extent true but that also depends on perspective.  If you get “it” wrong and that has a knock on effect to someone else, by default it no longer becomes a valid argument “it’s my life.” because you have affected someone else’s life.

So how do we prevent getting “it” wrong and avoiding not only our own messes but the affects our messes have on others?

If you get “it” wrong and it is 1 question in an exam it has no real bearing in your life however if the “it” is open heart surgery and you get “it” wrong then you mess up big time.

We can usually tell in life if we have got “it” right one way or another, if we get “it” right then we usually have a good and positive response in life but if we get “it” wrong we usually suffer discomfort or pain of some sort and it is this discomfort or pain where life tells us we are getting “it” wrong.

A human has needs and they are as old as mankind itself, those range from food, clothes and shelter to love, touch, care, value etc.  and if we find we are lacking any of these then we will suffer discomfort or pain and thus know that we are getting “it” wrong.  The wonderful thing is that virtually every human has the same needs in different portions perhaps but the same none the less.  So when we hear someone speak of their heart ache, pain, discomfort we advise them to try something different i.e. “they are getting “it” wrong.”  But if we dare say to someone they are getting “it wrong the chances are they will say “what do they know, it’s my life anyway.” which sound good in defending our mistakes but the reality is unless there is another type of heart surgery is done one way even on animals, and there really is only one right way to live or else we are getting “it” wrong and we know we are getting “it” wrong because we suffer discomforts, pain and distress in life.

So next time someone says they are hurting, have heart ache, in pain the chances are they are getting “it” wrong whether they want to accept it or not, it is our job to learn from the mistakes others make and not make the same mistakes or at least learn from our own because they are the tell-tale signs that we are getting “it” wrong.


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