“Aren’t you coming to bed yet Honey?”


Women want their man to go to bed at the same time as them but they don’t want to let them sleep.

Every man want’s a woman who wants him to go to bed with her, but for very different reasons that his woman wants him to go to bed with her for.

A woman wants her man to go to bed with her so that she can talk to him, tell him all about her day; week; year ; and life; her feelings: all of them.  And then once she has been able to upload just how she feels and what she has done her man is somehow expected to go to sleep with all this new information spinning around in his head.

A man is not permitted to fall asleep during her talking or this would be considered a sign of disrespect a lack of interest and not caring so he must stay awake throughout, Not only must he stay awake throughout he must interact not with answers but simply with displays of his concern and confirmations, he must and usually does take on board all that has been said leaving nothing out but it’s this that then keeps him up for the next 2 hours processing the information.

It is at this point that man will often try to engage in some wind down ritual in order to help him get to sleep quicker, such as reading or TV watching.  Many men will give up attempting to sleep and just get back up for another 2 hours in order to begin his own ritual of uploading all that he has just heard.

Men then need to create coping mechanisms such as not really listening but just grunting at intermittent moments through the conversations.  Perhaps finishing watching a program on TV which gives a woman enough time to fall asleep before he arrives to bed.

Whatever the way a man learns to cope with this bedtime conversation it is for his survival that he does it, not because of a lack of care or love.  He can not sustain his existence each day with so few hours sleep and so much to think about.  He must perform at work, he must have enough sleep hours to ensure his health and wellbeing the next day and can not sustain a regular habit of late nights due to a busy mind and thus a routine is born out of necessity rather than desire.



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