There’s a giant standing on my foot.

Most people have a Giant standing on their foot and they will never know.  The giant has either been standing there for so long now that they are unaware he’s there, others are so busy looking in the wrong direction they will never notice him, while others are pushing away at him trying to move him off but he is simply too big.  In some cases the giant is an invisible giant and although you can’t see him you know he’s there because you can’t move your foot from where it is.

When you have a giant on your foot you can not move, you are stuck to the spot, all you can do is pivot.  

The giant is known by many names but that doesn’t matter because the giant is deaf anyway so simply talking to the giant is pointless because he can’t hear you.

So what are we to do about this giant on our foot?  Quite simply it’s all about using the laws of science to remove the giant from off our foot, seeing as the laws of science say we can’t push him because he is simply too big we must find a way to off-balance him.

Each giant will need his own strategy to remove him from off your foot, you will need to assess the angles and force needed to remove him, topple him and off-balance him, that is where others come in.

With the help of others, even from a great distance and having a giant on their own foot they are able to help, it is easy to topple a giants once you know how and with the help of the science behind toppling a giant, it is easy to topple even the heaviest giant.  While those helping get the giant off of your foot are doing so, you and others can team up to help get the giant off of the foot of others.

But while we all still remain with the giant on our foot we will never be able to move forward but merely go round in circles.

What is the giant I am speaking of?  The Giant is anything that has held you back from progress and although you can move around in circles you are unable to move forwards in life.  You problems, your troubles, your mistakes, your failings, your friends, your family, your upbringing, your finances all are giants standing on peoples foot.

Together we can topple even the biggest giant, alone we can go round in circles.


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