Are selfish people lazy?


I don’t care how hard a person works, the fact of the matter is a selfish person is a lazy person.

You can get up every morning at 5am, step outside into the bitter cold of winter, walk a mile to the train station, stand on a cold platform, get on the morning train with 6 others dedicated people doing the same thing, open up your laptop and begin work, not stop work until 7pm at night only to open up your laptop on the train journey home and do another 2h on route home, but still be lazy.

How on earth can that person be lazy? I hear you ask.  Quite simply because they are doing it all for themselves!

Now you take a man ask him to do the same thing but for others and I can guarantee you that he will want to cut down his hours and travel time or perhaps not do it at all.

When a person has to do tasks for others, especially for those they don’t even know or like that is where the true challenge of laziness comes in.  Most people will go to extreme lengths to fulfill their own desires and go through great lengths to help those in their household to also achieve their goals but the further outside the home you look the less “work” someone is willing to do.  

Any way you wish to look at this the case is clear that hard work isn’t how hard you are working it’s how hard you work for others.

In short We have lost sight of the reality behind laziness and once we lose sight of the reason a person is driven to work we lose sight of just how lazy a person might be.

Don’t get me wrong there are obviously degrees of laziness, there are those that wont even help themselves or those in their home.  There are those that help themselves and others, there are those who help others with no regard t their own personal gain.  Each an example of their own laziness.

No one likes to think of themselves as lazy, especially when they are busy, but many fill their time so that they are busy but only busy filling their time on themselves giving themselves a false sense of purpose.

If you see two people meet and greet in the street I can almost guarantee that one of the first ways we validate our purpose and importance now is to inform the other person just how busy we have been “I’ve been so busy recently.” we all do it, as if somehow our business makes for our not being lazy and proving just how important we are to society.  We do this because we suffer with such a sense of lack of purpose and laziness.

The more we do for others the less lazy and more purpose we feel, a sense of true purpose not false purpose.



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