The GM food scam!


Many years ago I used to buy tapes and VHS videos.  When a tape went wrong I could even repair it myself and continue to make good use of my favorite movie and mix tapes.  I remember the switch to CD and DVDs, the marketing was perfect, the reason for switching and causing the death of Tape was 3 fold, save space, more durable and better quality images, however the only thing I benefitted from the hype was in fact space-saving.  A CD or DVD once damaged is absolutely useless I watched the picture quality improvement on my VHS during the adverts and durability is non-existent.

Why am I talking about VHS and DVDs when my title is all about GM food?  Quite simply we were sold a very similar scam when we all switched from organic to GM food and supported it rather than fight against it.

Support GM food because it will end world hunger!  It is just as good for you as “normal food”!  Food will be much cheaper to purchase because it’s much cheaper to produce!

Each one of these claims has failed to stand the test of time for all their “good intentions” or “false claims”.

Hunger and starvation has not decreased and could be argued it has in fact increased, GM food offers so few nutrients that poorer countries are unable to get their old organic nutrients from the old food they ate such as Bananas and food bills are ever soaring.

Food is currently being monopolised by 5 main food companies around the world and as we know with monopolies that is a dangerous game of control.  If you control the food prices people will have no choice but to pay high prices to stay alive.  But are we paying for quality?  Not at all, there is no record of GM food surpassing the nutritional value of organic foods, quite to opposite, research shows that GM food has so few nutrients in it that it might be time to invest in the vitamin industry seeing as that seems to be the way forward for humans in the future.

I always remember the news attacking Robert Mugabe for his stand against GM crops in Zimbabwe saying that he was willing to let his people starve rather than growing GM food that was being offered.  His response was quite simply that he didn’t want to be held hostage by the GM food companies with the patent they held on GM food which obviously came at a huge cost as well as overpowering organic crops eventually killing them out thus leaving the patent costs on all food within his country.  This would be a very hard choice for any rational individual let alone a leader like Robert Mugabe.

At the end of the day if GM food was the only available food source in the world no one would refuse to eat however while there is still room for choice I think we would be foolish to follow blindly into the food scam being sold to us which is yet to deliver.

The World Food Organisation is pushing us towards a GM food global community whereby we will rely on vitamins to provide the nutrients we would be lacking from the food we consumed.

The same system has clearly been used as the switch from Tape to CD whereby we phase out one for the other, in this case we are phasing out the Organic for the GM unless we are careful Organic “real food” will become a thing of the past and redundant perhaps even illegal?

As consumers the choice is firmly in our hands until the laws are changed.



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