Suck my …. don’t say that! When bad language is “bad” language.



This one might be for adults only, proceed with extreme caution.

I don’t understand some men, some men will use phrases as curses only shooting themselves in the foot.  If you gonna use “suck my d!&k” as a curse to be derogatory towards someone and then try to turn around to your lady and wonder why she doesn’t want to go down on you, how stupid do you have to be?

Some men aren’t happy with using “suck my d!&k” as a curse they have to put it in the same sentence as “mother F-er” shouting out their car window “suck my d!&k, mother F-er” then they get home wondering why their girlfriend finds fellatio off-putting, perhaps it’s because you just threw it in with a list of insults.

If you want your woman to be attracted to the act of fellatio then you need to stop using it to disrespect people and start using it to describe the finer things in life such as fine dinning “honey I’m gonna take you out to a 5 fellatio style restaurant”  Well done on that promotion honey you fellatio’d that one.”  “My compliments to the chef, that meal was A fellatio +”

Men use the C word to describe someone of low status to disrespect them yet the term was taken from the descriptive term of female genitalia or when a man wishes to speak lowly of another man he will often use the P word, also a descriptive word for the female genitals, yet the same man then chases after that same body part so earnestly.

The F word is another example of poor choice of derogatory language “F You” in theory is the highest form of flattery seeing as you are complimenting a persons sexual attractiveness to you.

A man all too often shoots himself in the foot by using terms that you really don’t want your partner to view as a form of disrespect but rather a desired part of a relationship.

Why do you think there are no curse terms for men going down on women?  Because women aren’t stupid, they want men to think it’s a great thing to do.  You don’t hear women cursing in the street “Lick my P$$$$$!”  because they are too smart for that, in fact I’m surprised they don’t already say things like “You got that bonus today, Cunnilingus job honey.”  or “Cunnilingus job putting up the new shelves honey.”

I feel this stuff needs to be said because it’s not only causing trouble for the men that use the phrases but it also has a knock on effect for other men for example a man could be hinting to his partner that he would like to engage in the act of fellatio and yet his girlfriend has only ever heard the phrase used to disrespect people, thus feeling not inclined to want to reciprocate after all who wants to partake in the act of something that is considered so disgusting that it is used as a curse?

Something’s gotta change.


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