Modern men at breaking point.


This is only a short blog to help people gain some understanding of todays man and his struggles.

Not so long ago men were the providers and often a sole provider and as a provider there were only three main provisions they were expected to meet:

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter.

Some of this was met by the ability to grow his own food perhaps repair or build his own home and perhaps in many cases make his own clothes.

Now consider today’s man and what he must provide for his family:

  • A safe, healthy and well decorated home in a good area.
  • Designer clothing
  • Organic food, Lunchbox items, meals out.
  • mobile phones
  • tv, satellite
  • holidays
  • after school activities
  • makeup
  • jewelery
  • gifts for multiple celebrations
  • car, fuel, maintenance
  • bikes
  • toys
  • days out
  • school trips
  • school resources
  • internet
  • time
  • etc. etc. etc.

As you can see, times have changed considerably since the old days of men being the provider, however the nature of a man has not, hence the need to provide all of these things even though they are completely unrealistic for any human being to achieve.

Enter the new era female provider who is now responsible for helping to provide the above in order to help make it achievable, however how achievable is this really?

Often the bills are split in this way:

The man pays for the house and car.

The woman pays for the shopping and spending.

But how realistic is this for a well-rounded family today?

It is estimated that a car costs approximately 1/3 of a monthly income and a house costs approximately 2/3 of a monthly income so that leaves nothing left from a man’s income.  Can a woman’s income provide everything else on the list?  Not realistically, not for most.

Then what of the children, are they getting all they need from their parents?The results of social studies say that children are not getting all they need from their parents.  With stats such as 40% of the child population feels no attachment to their parents or any other adult shows that something is breaking.  So the men are at breaking point and the children are at breaking point, the children appear to be suffering and the expectations seem to on the rise.

These principles relate to many other factors of society such as the divorce rate, school stats, youth crime, domestic violence, one parent families.

Something has to change and it starts with lowering expectations!




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