Parenting, Instinct over science?


I was listening to BBC radio 4 the other day and heard 2 back to back articles which intrigued me and frustrated me to the limits.  I began to question just how stupid humans had become for all of our knowledge.  We have access to so much information and science has grown so much I would like to hope that it had made us more intelligent however it would seem that for all of our prestigious education institutes and our pride in our knowledge it is in fact creating a less intellectual human being.  Knowledge doesn’t make a human intellectual, the ability to think does.  A computer contains a huge amount of information yet has an IQ lower than most animals, a book hold a vast amount of information yet has no intellect.  We as humans seem to be becoming nothing more than regurgitating vessels of information much like a computer, lacking the intellect.

bad_parenting_8The articles were about raising children and the science behind it.  I feel that this thought is the most dangerous outlook to humanity in the common era simply because we are trusting robotic reaction rather than to human instinct.  The articles basically said that we raise our children with knowledge rather than instinct, and if we lack the knowledge it means we will parent our children worse than those that contain the knowledge.  This is so far from the truth yet seen as a progressive and enlightened train of thought.

When you look at the animal kingdom you can see every species behaving instinctually with the odd unique case excluded.  You see orphaned children and animals the world over being able to take care of their own children and you see this link of instinct naturally achieved.  To replace the natural with the intellectual is a dangerous game turning both the child and the parent into an unnatural robotic relationship between the two.

Apparently 40% of the child population have no secure relationship with their parents or any adult which is because of this lack of knowledge rather than the fact that it might in fact be a link between the current robotic knowledge dictated lifestyles we currently live.  Mothers rarely breast feed (creating bonds naturally), parents no longer work with their children, parents work longer hours away from home, parents are no longer permitted into school lessons, teachers are no longer permitted to hug or comfort a child as they would do instinctually and yet none of this seems to be to blame for this new 40% breakdown in the global population.  The answer they are telling us is the lack of knowledge to be a good parent.

When someone is raised in an abusive home, perhaps where a mother of father beats their child regularly could become an abusive parent seeing as they have learnt the knowledge to abuse, however many abused children choose not to ever abuse their children which in itself proves that they have instinctually known this is not right and go against the knowledge to tap into the instinct to love their children.

05These are the specialists that we are listening too, changing our society for, and trusting that “they know better so we can do better”  but I’m sorry to say I think they think too much and any muscle that has been used to much eventually fails the user.  Make of that as you will but when a parent begins to parent text-book I feel that a robotic parent is a unloving one, it becomes duty, ritual, instruction rather thank love, care and instinct.

If you take a child and follow a text-book instruction on being a parent and follow it by the rule for 10 years yet never love your child a child can feel that lack of engaging, if you take a child and raise the child with love, instinct and even the mistakes a child learns there is a bond and that they can make mistakes too so even a mistake isn’t really a mistake it’s a building block in perfection.

Never believe you are a bad parent because you don’t match the opinions of “experts” because I have met many an expert with screwed up offspring to know that a robot can’t raise a child.

Perhaps we need to reclaim our instinct as a parent and unlearn the science of parenting seeing as parents seem to have gotten worse since the science of parenting?



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