Healthy food and the hungry.


We live in an era where we have moved away from healthy natural food towards manufactured packaged food only to be told that we must eat 5 a day.  5 a day is the slogan of the day, it’s printed on everything and we are encouraged to each more natural healthy foods.  Healthy natural foods used to be free and readily available until we stopped cultivating them and swapped for the easy option of the prepackaged meal.  Now that we are being told we must eat 5 a day we find that we can no longer cultivate those old free foods and we must now pay high prices for the packaged version provided for us by the profit-making stores.

So we have created a new craze of the calorie counter, the fat fact finder the and the super food seekers, with such fussy eating I can only assume one thing these people are not hungry people through a lack of food.  The reason I say this is because I have met hungry people, people with insufficient money or food on a daily basis and most of those people would have gladly consumed a packaged meal in order to stop the hunger pains.  These people would not have worried about calories or fat content or preservatives the way that we do, in fact they need more of them and the preservatives would be a risk they are willing to take.

Simply put, we in the West are so over fed that we have room to grumble, room to improve our intake, we are in taking too much hence our new desire to watch what we eat.  Had we not been so selfish and greedy in the first place we may never have reached such a state where instead of freely eating and it being an enjoyable experience it has become a “religious duty” and  a guilty pleasure just to eat on a daily basis.

What should we learn from these lessons?

Tomasz_and_his_son_Antony_aged_5_Minnowburn_Community_Allotments2_1314952298Quite simply we should learn that too much of anything is bad for you and what seems like a great idea at first often leads only to our demise.  We claim that we are more civilized more evolved and yet we take 2 steps forward in that evolution only to make 2 steps back to the old ways, but why?  Simply put, the old ways have survived as long as it has because it was more perfect than the new ways, the days of farming for food gave us exactly what we crave today “exercise and healthy food”  yet no where in our school curriculum do we find farming as part of our education, believing it redundant now that we have gyms and packaged meals, microwaves and preservatives.   We seem more confused than ever, more backwards in our going forwards, less evolved in our evolution and so stubborn we can see it yet keep pushing civilization forwards or should we say backwards.

Instead of building more man-made structures we should be planting more man cultivated free food to sustain the population growth, instead of paying for gym membership we should be paying for gardening tools in order to plant and grow and get our exercise and food, instead of buying a ready meal with more profit than nutrition we should be preparing our meals from the sweat of our brow and thus continuing with perfection, and complimenting the life cycle rather than destroying it.

Think about it!


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