Chapter 3

A fighting chance

Everyone in barrack 6 woke up with the usual Purlitary morning call but remained unusually silent, there was no usual banter and chatter just silence as they all prepared themselves, as was customary in the Purlitary, all military markings to be worn and all sleeping quarters to be clean and tidy.  Although the normal routine had commenced inside everyone’s head was a busy and unusually preoccupied space, all they could think about was the news of this one soul survivor and the fact that their leaders had said that no action would be taken.  They couldn’t help wonder was their fellow Warrior still alive?  What if it was one of them?  Would they be left a prisoner or to die?  Why was no one going to do anything?  The 6 of them were just about to leave for breakfast and as they walked towards the barrack door Michtail spoke up from behind them “We should do something, even if they don’t want to.”  everyone stopped and turned around, “So what are you saying?” inquired a puzzled Clawford, “I say we should take matters into our own hands and form a secret rescue mission and go and do what is right.” this seemed like the honorable thought from Michtail but an otherwise risky one.  “Do you realise what you’re saying Mich?” no one could believe what they were hearing but Furdinand was the only one to say it “We would be dishonoring the Purlitary, the community and our names, even if it seems the honorable thing to do.” 

“I know it sounds crazy, I know it would be a death wish mission but what if it was one of you, wouldn’t you want us to come and get you?” Michtail was determined, the question wasn’t if he was going to do this but more who would join him?  “It not only sounds crazy, it sounds like if the Terror don’t get us then the Purlitary will have our hides……..count me in.”  Clawford was a crazy cat but unlike Michtail he wasn’t calculatingly crazy he was just plain crazy.  “If Clawford’s in I’m in too.”  Whiskard was like a shadow or little brother to Clawford and anywhere Clawford went Whiskard went too.  “Anyone else?” inquired Michtail desperately, “I’m sorry Mich I can’t do it, besides fyi if it was me out there I wouldn’t want anyone risking their lives to come and get me.” 

“What about you two?” the question put the two others on the spot now, “I can’t do it Mich, as much as I would want to I am honestly scared and you know the Purlitary rules about fear, we are not permitted to go into battle with any fear.” one more down, one more to go.  “There is no way I can go to the Territory of Terror, I just couldn’t do it Mich, sorry I’m out too.” was the last response from those present.  This had left Michtail in a dilemma, he needed more warriors and he needed to keep this all quite without jepourdising the mission or those he would leave behind to the wrath of the Purlitary leaders.

Michtail still had to gather an army together without the Purlitary knowing and with those willing to risk their lives and risk everything at home too, they would surely have to answer to someone whether they succeeded or failed, and worse still he only had the rest of the day to do it because they would need to head out by the next day or lose their guide.  Michtail told Clawford and Whiskard that they would split up and each find trustworthy Warriors and meet back at barrack 6 by the time the sun was hitting the third to last tree.

Clawford already knew exactly the Warriors he needed to approach and headed out to find them, his trust rested in the Trygers infantry, each one of these Warriors had seen battle and lived by a code of honor that not only met the need of Michtail’s rescue mission but also they maintained a vow of silence and spoke nothing except battle commands, there was 12 of them in total and they worked on shifts of 4, so Clawford knew that he could get the help of the 8 that weren’t on Purlitary duty, but he had to locate them first.  Meanwhile Whiskard didn’t know where to begin but thought that it would be a good idea to run to all of the Purlitary hang out spots and look for the biggest, nastiest, ugliest looking cats he could find and see if they were up to the task at hand.  Whiskard had to move fast and be careful who he approached so not to blow their cover.  Michtail on the other hand wanted experienced Warriors with strategic tendencies, people he had seen and had great respect for, people like Agent White Tip.




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