Time for the pocket watch.

pocket-watch    Even as a young man on the verge of discovery I was always fascinated with two items that I think it’s about time for a revival in fashion, the bow tie and the pocket watch.

Today I’m not about to start blogging about the bow tie because I don’t feel it’s quite ready to be born again as a popular accessory, today I’m blogging about the all important pocket watch.
pocket watch jeansThe first myth I want to dispel is the assumption that you can only use a pocket watch with a suit, this is absolutely rubbish.  I’ll accept it might not work with jogging bottoms aka track suit bottoms, but what does everyone think that otherwise useless little pocket is for in denim pockets?  It yell pocket watch and adds a great accessory to any pair of jeans.

The pocket watch yells taste and refinement, not old man and old-fashioned, I have continued to sport pocket watches throughout my adult life and never seen them as untrendy.  The pocket watch is timeless, excuse the pun, it’s as timeless as cufflinks for shirts which by the way any button down cuffs on a men’s shirt should only be worn when standing the serving side of a fast food chain and never for anything more formal than that.

pocket watch wearpocket watch suitA pocket watch is the mark of a gentleman which could otherwise be a dying breed except for those that fight to keep the culture of a Gentleman alive, hence in the midst of mens magazines holding its own is GQ desperately attempting to inspire others to step over and join the male elite.

It is time for the pocket watch to find its place back into the male jewelery draw once more alongside the horrid digital watch and identity bracelet, it is time that it finds its rightful place in pocket watch pockets the world over in order that clothes fulfill their true design purpose, it’s time that women got to ogle at a fully dressed man once more rather than just the half-naked six-pack.





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