Why are you blogging?


Blogging is born out of the passion for writing or the expectation of earning.  There are definitely two camps within the blogging industry which are opposing in views, those with a passion for writing find it horrid that someone can expectantly blog with the intent to earn while those that blog with the intent on earning from their blogs construct their blogs and write in such a way that it reaches a wider audience.

If someone writes because they have a passion to write their longevity proves just how deep that passion goes, because if no one reads your blogs it wont matter and wont give you reason to quit however the blogger that desires to earn an income from blogging use less passion and more strategy in their content and writing style.

There are always some grey areas within this such as the fashion bloggers, no, not those that blog about fashion but those that are only blogging because it’s fashionable.  There are those that have a passion for writing and stick to their own unique style yet happen to be able to make some money from their blog.  There are those that have a passion for writing but are adopting the techniques of the more popular bloggers.  There are those that love to write but for the benefit of the reader numbers who adopt the writing style of other more popular bloggers in order to increase their readers.  There are those bloggers that write to preach a message that they feel passionate about.

Fundamentally though the two camps are much like Bikers and Moped riders, both are two wheeled motor powered vehicle riders however they dwell in different cultures, different languages, different styles, a different mind set.

A popular blogger lives in the world of the pop culture and the pop culture reader understands the content of the blog sparking interest while others scan read and lose interest because they fail to relate, and the same goes with the sub cultures that blog.  Each genre attracting it’s own reader with little cross overs.

For me blogging is a way to express yourself through the passion of writing, much like art, the art of blogging if you will, or a way to keep a journal of your thoughts, perhaps one day a relative can read your blogs to get to know you better.  Blogging should be a place to understand your fellow human beings, how and why they think and do, but are we achieving this or are we remaining ignorant in our blogging and reading of blogs, simply sticking to our own type of writer and writing?

Whatever your reason for blogging, whatever your style and genre of follower, whatever the subject there must be a root to drive you to get on and blog at all.  The true reason can only be discovered not when you have 1000 visitors or 300 likes for a blog but when you have none.

Zero seperates the wheat from the chaff, the true blogger from the pretend blogger, the passion from the finance.

Keep on blogging!


4 thoughts on “Why are you blogging?

  1. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, posting more or less daily. I don’t gain any income from my blog, but for me, it’s about developing an audience, getting feedback, and making connections. An active blog demonstrates a commitment to the art, and an audience shows relevance. Perhaps someday I’ll offer courses or sell product through my blog, but for now, I’m just happy to respond to comments.

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