I learnt French overnight.


It was like a miracle, I spoke to one French man who managed to teach me French in 10 seconds flat.

OK, so not all French, but I was fascinated to discover that almost all English words ending in ‘tion’ or ‘sion’ are in fact French words.  That’s right, in an instant you learnt thousands of French words.  My shock had ended there until recently I was researching the true meaning of English words I used and discovered many of them can be found in Hindi with the exact same meaning.

Shock horror, how many English words are actually English considering the number of pilfered words from other languages?  I had always known that English found it’s roots in Latin but was led to believe that Latin had died out other than in the medical profession and the botanical profession.  However here I am finding out that much of our language has been pinched, stolen, borrowed and plagiarised.  The Worlds most commonly used language wasn’t all English.

How much of English actually is English?  Is English just a word we now use to describe this  assortment of languages?  Who owns the rightful claim to actually being the worlds most commonly used language?  I needed to know.

I remember seeing a film many years ago, a black and white comedy, about some men that had hidden themselves away squirreling to compose the dictionary, I’d love to see it again now but can’t remember the title.

I wonder how true to life this film was and how they composed the “English” dictionary?

As with most of us this was where wikipedia serves its purpose http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_language was a full breakdown of it’s true roots.

keeping-it-real-col-230x150I was aghast to discover my English was in fact Germanic, but wait it gets worse, an earlier name for Germanic was Gothic, that’s right we are all speaking Gothic, does this mean we are all Goths? I never saw myself as a Goth but perhaps it was time to start embracing reality?

I was always told “thank goodness we beat the Germans or we’d all be speaking German.” Well it seems we are anyway, or at least a common root.

As for French at school, well I learnt very little French in my 5 years of study however had our teacher started the year reminding us just how many French words I already knew from learning my native tongue English I think I might have paid more attention with the knowledge I already had a huge head start.

People in the North of England often teased those in the south by calling them French speaking but the funny thing is it turns out we all are, along with multiple other languages.

Life is full of surprises.

Au revoir!


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