Metrosexuals, straight to the point.

A letter to the media

Dear Media,

Whenever you wish to portray a man with style and fashion sense who happens to like shopping you create an image of them as homosexual.  This is an unjust and unwarranted bias.  Speaking on behalf of the modern day Metrosexuals I feel a sense of dishonor towards Hetrosexual males that are in or around the Fashion industry and the large number of men that enjoy taking time to make the best of themselves.

Metrosexual males are portrayed in the media as questionably gay and when a Metrosexual male assumes a role in any media production a common first instinct is to now assume the man as gay, as if a Metrosexual male is a rarity, when they are not.

Metrosexual men aren’t abnormal for your negative reasons they may be abnormal for this positive reason: Metrosexuals are usually men that have a skill in the art of dressing well and the pleasure involved in shopping for garment to fulfill that skill.  Most men would like to have the skill but perhaps have a weakness in it and thus don’t aspire to achieve it, not because they don’t want to but because they can’t.  A Metrosexual man enjoys shopping with his female companion and being able to share and enjoy this part of a woman’s leisure is as good for a relationship as it is for a woman to enjoy watching sport with her male companion.

In the future I would be grateful if you would stop portraying all those interested in fashion and style as homosexual and stay true to the reality that the Metrosexuals are here and here to stay.

Yours sincerely

Benji Man’s blogs



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