Art defined


In my youth I loved to draw and paint, that was before the age of understanding or should I say the age of lack of understanding?

Since then I hardly created one single piece of artwork, the closest I got to art since then was to paint an oil painting as a gift to my wife on our wedding day.  I had never used oils but thought it would make for a better gift to work with oils.  As an oil beginner the first mistake I made was not giving myself enough time for the oils to dry so I had to hide the artwork without it being seen but also without the oils being touched.  I eventually presented my gift to my wife who has put it in pride of place.  I was happy with what I had created as a first attempt but as a perfectionist it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

Since putting away my art tools once again I learned a few more lessons about art that life needed to teach me.  

The definition of art:

To be able to produce a work of creativity using any materials available to you,  this may be in the form of water paints on paper, oil paints on canvas or even metal on concrete.  

Art is not art simply because someone else likes it but because you like it, it isn’t measured by the money of its sale or by the number of people that stand and admire it.  

Art is simply the expression of the unseen in the form of the seen.  

A building can be a work of art, an artist can be a small child, someone can pay £10,000,000 for a dot on a page while others walk past a photograph perfect painting it is all art.  

Art’s value is relative to the artist and the purchaser.  

Art is no less art because the artist chooses to hide their work away in a loft than if he is able to exhibit it in his own exhibition.  

An artist is no less an artists at the age of one, finger painting his or her first ever painting, than one at the age of one hundred that has been painting since the age of one, a first piece to the thousandth piece, all are art and all has it’s own value.  

All people are artists, so long as they are able to translate the unseen into the seen or if they can recreate what their eye’s have seen via their own translation.  

Perception is unique to each artists and each artist has no measure by which they can compare the success of their work other than their own.

In short art is creation, an artist is a creator.

Be inspired, be your inner artist!



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