One day I will…..


There are 2 types of people in this world, there’s those that write a “Will” and those that write a “one day I will”

Those that write a Will are safe, sensible and prepared and there is nothing wrong with that.  Those that write a “one day I will.” are carefree, careless and always preparing to try something new.

I am a “one day I Will” kinda guy and one of my one day I will’s is to get a Land Rover Discovery, the one with the tent on top, drive down from England to France and then from France to Spain, across to Morocco and then drive down from Morocco to Cape Town in South Africa.  I have planned a route and bought the books, I have dreamt of the landmarks and seen the journey in my head, all I need to do is make the trip.  

The only problem at the moment is that I have no Land Rover, I have no Tent and I have no money, but who needs all of that when you have a “one day I will”

“One day I will” people can be split into two types, the dreamers and the doers.  The dreamers have yet to achieve any of the one day I will’s they mentioned and the doers have a list of things they actually completed on their “one day I will” list.

When I finally get around to my trip I will without doubt blog my way along, web connections permitted, perhaps write a book or even record the journey, so long as they invent a hard drive bigger that 2 Terabytes for laptops in the near future.

For now I will continue adding to my “one day I will” list.



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