Are you man enough?


As men we often walk around like an alpha male, the world is ours in our eyes and we often forget just how frail and tiny we actually are.

In the scheme of things a man might seem big standing next door to a baby, a cat or dog, we feel indestructible unless we have man flu or some other sickness.  We only suffer a sense of small when we are confronted by a stronger alpha male.  

But are we really being man enough?

When I compare myself to other men as a husband, father or friend or general humanitarian I am assured I’m doing a great job because I look at those doing a worse job.  This process gives me a sense of ease but is it a good system to aid my improvement?  I think not.

When I hear about a great husband and what he does I am encouraged I could do better, and then aspire to be better, when I see great dad it encourages me to do better and shows me how to be better, also that it can be achieved, when I see great friends it encourages me to be a better friend, and when I see great humanitarians I realise just how little I am doing for my fellow human beings.

By being realistic and comparing my achievements to a broader spectrum it humbles me and when a man is humbled only then can he achieve better.  Before that he believes he has no room for improvement or excuses why he can’t usually by what he has already achieved.

When we men take a closer look at ourselves, we might be doing well but most of us aren’t doing great, we could all do better.  We must compare ourselves to that of others that are greater than ourselves not worse than ourselves, because otherwise we are given a false sense of security that we are doing enough.  When we compare our achievements to men such as Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus etc. we see our shortfall in our humanity and our family duties, as these men were not only administrating families but entire nations.

So what’s our excuse?  We don’t have any excuses, all men are created equal and our enough is never really enough.  We might not all get to be activists but we could all do more for humanity and our family.  

At the end of the day I want to be able to answer that question well when I’m asked or ask myself “am I really man enough?”


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