“The thing I don’t understrand is….Bee!”


I don’t consider myself a religious man but I do consider myself a well read and well educated man and it’s this plus an open mind and the desire to know that leads me to say:

“The thing I don’t understand is that if you read the Bible and see what it says about life you will often find it very coincidently happening in our world today, so why do we always spend millions on finding alternate solutions before trying the obvious solutions?”

Is this just crazy talk?  Not at all, take for example the current Bee deaths in England and America, they have still failed to find a conclusive reason or solution for this epidemic.  Meanwhile in Africa the bees are producing more and more honey even with poor crop yields.  Yes, we know that African Bees are genetically different from our Western Bees however that still doesn’t explain away why our Bees are dying in mass while their Bees thrive.

ImageWhile we search to find the answers in science and spend millions and allow millions of bees to continue to die out the Bible offers an instant solution, repentance!

Repentance from what?  England was a Christian nation that held on to God, there are many stories from the Wars of prayer and miracles happening that could be linked to the English and their Allies winning the Wars, there was even national call to prayer during the Wars.  Just before the ending of the recent storms in England I am reminded that it was shortly after “The Sun” published on their front page for the nation to join in a time of prayer for an ending to the storms they did in fact end, did the Faith of such a newspaper that saved England?  There are a catalogue of coincidences just like this that remain without answers.  However these coincidence do spookily coincide with the Biblical claims.  It wasn’t until after the Great Wars that England began to turn away from their Christian roots and turn to everything from Secularism to all manner of pagan alternatives, anything but “the oppressive Christianity.”  To much extent perhaps people were right about Christianity being oppressive, especially considering that modern Christianity rarely reflects Christs actual teachings, however “if the school is wrong should we reject education altogether?”  Not at all, it just means that we should search out the proper education and embrace it all the more.  Much like we perhaps should have done in this instance, rather than rejecting Christ as well as Christianity perhaps we should have just rejected Christianity and follow Christ and the other Biblical messages and warning?

But would Christ’s teaching have benefited us today?  How could it not?  Do unto other as you would have done unto you, forgive, love, be kind, gentle etc. how could this not benefit today’s society?  Then there’s the possibility of avoiding the possible curses listed in the Bible, not sure if even gambling that there is no link is such a worth while chance?  However in rejecting Christianity we have rejected Christ and his teachings too and perhaps it is this decision that was the cause of much of our modern day issues, if the Bible is correct then it would make sense. Leading me to ask are we wasting our time searching for answers when they already exist but we just don’t wish to believe them as true?  

Would Britain still be a thriving nation had we kept to our Christian roots?  This is a very hard argument, one that could never be proved conclusively, however overwhelming the evidence may be.  One thing we notice at once is a direct link with the decline in Christianity in England with the decline of the British Empire, much like the American situation, we see an decrease in all the listed Biblical blessing such as wealth and protection from natural disasters since the turning away from both nations from Christianity, we also see an increase in the curses such as sickness, tumors, poverty, natural disaster, division etc.  

Now let us look at China at the same time, China has the largest growing underground Church aka Christianity, Christianity is growing at an alarming rate in China yet with it has come China’s power and wealth growth, China’s strength and Global status all increasing and surpassing that of the West coinsidently at the same time?  But surely not just another coincidence that as Christianity grows in China and declines in the West so too does the Biblical blessing shift from one to the other?


I point out at this point I am not claiming that Christianity or the Bible actually holds the answers, because to do so would be extremely prideful of me to think that I know anything about it all, I am actually asking some very important questions that might in future resolve bee epidemics and the like much sooner.

If we truly want to find solutions to today’s problems, we have to be more open minded and experimental or we in our ignorance may perhaps overlook the very solution to our detriment.  Our “greatest minds” have to be our most open minds to the possibility of cures laying and answers even laying in the Bible, rather than assuming that all the wisdom of the past is just a load of rubbish, and we must look forward for the answers.  Should we wait and continue to wait for the answers to present themselves in the future of science rather than the possibility of the past.

Could we have a hold of the cure to cancer already and the answer to the recession in the advice of the Bible yet be waiting for the answers in the future, in our ignorance?

Could the bee epidemic have been avoided or at least solves by now?  Are we searching for the answers while already holding them but refusing to accept the answers?

All of this just because I saw a news report on the thriving African bee community and it’s honey in Ethiopia. 

We may never know, but in the mean time, surely it’s worth a look?

Bee’s are a vital artery for our human survival and the Bible refers to the promised land of blessings to be one of Milk and Honey does this concept hold the key to why we are struggling?  Have we really tried everything to stop this epidemic?  Have we tried the advice in the Bible?  If not then we haven’t tried everything.

Exodus 33:3 “Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way.”


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