I just need you to listen!


“I don’t need you to give me a solution I just need you to listen.”  many a woman has shouted this at a man after he has tried to help her resolve the negative feelings she experienced because of her problem at hand.

“Well, what do you think?”  The response by many a man as his female companion listens intently offering no response.

When you see the two processes one after the other it all suddenly makes sense.

For years I had never understood where both sexes were going wrong, a man speaking rather than listening and a woman listening rather than speaking.

Neither sex was getting it wrong, the problem was that both sexes expects the other to respond in the same way as they communicate.  When a man speaks about his problems or feelings to other men they expect feedback offering help and advice, hence why they rarely do speak with other men (male pride).  When a woman speaks to other women they expect to receive an understanding ear rather than answers.  So when a woman speaks to a man about here problems she is expecting him to know what she needs and just be a listening ear, but this goes against his natural instincts and the same for a man speaking with a woman, he is expecting feedback but she is giving him what she would expect just a listening ear.

The simple answer to both is ‘be aware of the way the other sex communicates and to not expect a same sex response.’

A short but sweet blog for today.



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