No progression with oppression.


Sometimes I like to press the political buttons and see what happens.  Today is one of those days.

I have studied history’s cause and effects, watched England and most of the West have two generations of increase and progress since the birth of the industrial revolution.  A time where there was more of everything, excluding the Wars of course.  During those two generations I have seen even the poorest increase their wealth or at least their access to that which the wealthy own i.e. cars, TVs, stereos, dishwashers,  mod-cons, etc.  The poor may have had to use hire purchase to achieve this rather than paying cash but regardless of how they achieved this they have achieved it.   Two Generations ago the poor couldn’t dream of having what the wealthy had with regard to modern technology but now most are on a similar playing game regarding the have’s and have not’s.

With the huge increase of the middle class over these two generations a problem occurred, the wealthy were threatened because they were now sharing the wealth with the middle class which meant while the poor were getting more and becoming middle class the rich were getting poorer because not only did they have less coming in but what they did have was loosing worth as the pound became weaker at home.

This needed to change, wealth share is only fair when you are wealthy and sharing the poor’s money not when the poor are sharing the wealthy’s money.  But how do you stop this from happening?   Easy, you create a recession.   But surely a recession only hits the wealthy too?  Yes a recession does hit the wealthy too but they not only have more resources to ride the storm they then get to pick up all of the bargains deserted by the middle class at a deflated value, then once the recession is stopped the value of all of those cheap bargains climb back up and then the wealthy can increase their wealth once more but this time added to the wealth of the middle classes.  But then what of the middle class?  They shrink back into working class and the pound becomes worth more for the wealthy once again literally doubling their wealth over night at the cost of the middle class.  But then what?  All of those middle class turned working class are now not self employed but job seeking, then the wealthy can employ them back for minimum wage (compared to their earlier self employed income) to do the jobs without the profit.

The working class is so grateful for the chance to work that they aren’t bitter in fact they are happy to be employed and out of the slump, they then have the earning power to get some luxury hire purchase items as listed before and who are they hire purchasing from at a high rate of interest?  The wealthy!

What am I getting at with my title?  Quit simply, it was the last two generations that progressed our nations, because the lower classes had opportunities, chances, imagenings, inventions, investment, it was a time or growth as a nation, progress, advancement.  However now that people are becoming financially oppressed by this change in sharing wealth the nations progress has slowed if not declined, with progress no longer the word of the day but survival.  Why are we surviving and not progressing any longer?  Is it because of the recession?  Not at all, the recession is the plaster over the wound, the wound is greed, the greedy want more as individuals at the cost of the nation as a whole.  Those that are not happy with the wealth share would rather increase their off shore accounts at the cost of nations that are held back from progress.  Which led me to the title No Progression with Oppression.

We can see from other nations that run a rather oppressive regime how behind they are regarding human advance which is a clear sign, or warning, that when you oppress a nation’s people you stunt that nations advancement.  Oppression comes in many forms from conditioning to force, from propaganda to military might, from financial to physical.

Am I just having a bitter rant?  Not at all!  I am just sensible enough to acknowledge that it happens, is happening and will continue to happen.  But if you don’t know what is happening then you might believe it is your own personal failures rather than recognising that you are unfortunately just a part of the system and on occasions you’ll be part of the fodder.

The power is in knowing it’s happening and either preparing for the storms when they come or riding the storms and trying again when the storm of recession calms.

Never, never, never, give up!


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