Why men snore, a great excuse!


This is only my theory but I like it because it makes sense and excuses my snoring, my wife now seeing it’s positive side rather than the negative thing it has become.

My theory finds its roots in the concepts of evolution or intelligent design because either way it had very practical reasoning.

My own snoring has often been likened to the roar of some large wild animal such as a bear or lion and this got me to thinking.  While very impractical in today’s modern days with brick houses, cars and Satnavs however we lived in simpler times many years ago.

Many years ago man lived in huts and caves, they were more open to nature and while asleep this could have been very dangerous.  Imagine a small village or camp with lots of sleeping families, now imagine that those villages and houses had no security from predators such as lions, bears, wolves etc.  Now imagine that a village had watchmen, that would cover the issue of attack or defense but not deterrent. 

We all know that if a wild animal was to attack you or threaten you the best thing to do was to make yourself as big and loud as you can and they will often back down. 

In an situation where families in the old days are sleeping a few loud snoring men would certainly aid in deterring many wild animals because in the dark while wondering around the forest or wherever the animal hearing would alert them to stumbling towards the territory of another large animal or animals because of the loud snoring sounds.  Obviously this might fail in cases of extreme hunger etc but for most cases these loud snores would deter an animal from coming any closer to the camp or village.  It also serves as a beacon in the darkness where if a member of the village or camp happens to get lost in the dark outside the village they could follow the noise of the snoring members of the camp.

My wife’s response was, but wouldn’t also tell your enemy you are asleep?

Obviously it would, but let’s face it most humans go to sleep at night which will tell an enemy your camp is asleep simply because it’s the middle of the night, which was why villages had watchmen.  However, by an evolutionary theory snoring would be more practical than not snoring and from a intelligent design theory a creator would have known mankind would be open to threat at night by wild creatures far more often than an enemy and it would have been far more practical to snore than to not snore.

So, to conclude, the snore had very good reasons for many years and perhaps not required any longer we now must be patient in waiting for the snore to evolve and disappear, however if it is an intelligent designer that made the snore then it may never evolve and disappear but perhaps a prayer to that creator asking for the snoring to stop, for the sake of sleep, might be a worth while shot?


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