Racism is antiquated.


Many years ago racism had its place in society, in fact it was the norm.  I’m not just referring to Western racism I’m referring to racism suffered in every corner of our globe.

Every nation had its own inferiority complex and superiority complexes.  Every nation taught its own history and its own version of their great wars,  every nation had a version of racism in some way.
However that might have worked before the world shrank with international travel and business, with the media and explosion of the internet, with mass migration and with international relations needing to be an act of diplomacy rather than aggression.  In this modern world it’s much harder to cling on to the stereo types of the past and the old fears of the unknown, it’s much harder to hold on to bigotry when so much information is available and we all have exposure to other cultures and people groups.

images (16)I remember a time not so long ago when many or most English people were racist towards the Indian nation often speaking low of their food but here we are 30 years later and Curry is England’s new favorite dish with more of it being consumed than it’s predecessor Fish and Chips.  Most racism in England is now confined to the older generations; those being raised by racist ideologies or those living in rural England being rarely exposed to many minority groups or much else but the old ways.

HiRes Money TreeMost business relies upon “Green” now aka money and money is of value whatever the colour of the hand it comes in.  Big business is international business and rely heavily upon nations of many colours to turn a profit, racism in business is like rust to a boat, doomed to sink.

Our TV screens take us to far away places and cultures from our living rooms and we are exposed to much more than we ever were. Our favorite shows on TV now include a multiracial theme and our children shows reflect many cultures as part of their themes.  We now study other cultures with the use of modern science thus disproving old racist beliefs of the past, with genetic research we have since proven that all mankind have descended from 2 people and those being African.

We are now sensible enough to learn from other cultures i.e. breast-feeding, while we in the west stopped breast-feeding by 1 year we saw other cultures breast feeding up to 5 and now the World Health Organisation has recommended that the best age to breast feed until is 3.  So we have now learned from another race there was a better way.

say-no-to-racismAs religion finds itself less a part in our society today so too does racism, as we modernise and cling to materialism rather than religion so to with racism dwindling away we find commonality in money and wealth, in materialism.  We find ourselves as a collective, united in one thing ‘the desire for material gain’.  So, side by side we struggle together to keep up with technology and modernisation, together we are focused on ever evolving technology, together we chase after the “Global Dream” no longer an “American Dream.”  Although it is a race hence “keeping up with the Joneses” it can now just as easily be “keeping up with the Kumars”.  It is race free of racism because as we run our race we are running it alongside every nation and people group on earth, white and black and every shade in-between.  And, like all good sportsmen it doesn’t matter what colour the men who are beating you are, you might be envious but you can now say “well done that man” and just try to keep up and overtake when your opportunity presents itself.

Racism is antiquated and as we head towards a sense of ‘Pangaea’ once again, rather than 172 countries, we throw off the shackles of division and progress towards a form of global unity under one colour, green.



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