1 in 4 relationships now begin online….and end by text message.


I just saw an advert on TV that promoted the fact that 1 in 4 relationships now begin online, “begin” being a careful choice of words because there is no guarantee that the relationship will go anywhere especially when dealing with virtual reality profiles.


Are we becoming so scared and ashamed of who we are and how we feel that we are quite happy with this new virtual world one where relationships begin online and where we can just end a relationship via a text message.  Apparently a text message is a completely acceptable way for a Muslim man to divorce his wife in this modern generation (as advised by some Imams)

We live in a virtual world now and it will only be getting more virtual with time.  People can pretend they are anyone online, being their own best marketing department.  People use fancy phrases to avoid their negative points or make them sound much better, people tell little white lies that give them the best fighting chance at the “relationship bell” and hope that by round 3 the person on the other end of the web falls in love with them, that way they might overlook their previous lies.  I can’t see that this is a great way to start a relationship especially if they then demand honesty in the relationship.

With so many people now creating a virtual profile the chances are when you finally meet up you will be met by someone not at all as they lead you to believe.  I only hope that they can be as forgiving as they expect to be forgiven in that situation.

People have learned to be ashamed of their imperfections so much so that they focus on them more than their positive points and try to hide these imperfections from others, this becomes more achievable online.  Is this because people think they have no choice because they believe that the opposite sex expects perfection ?

Are people so scared of reality that they even break up via text message, so not to make it hard on themselves when breaking someone else’s heart?

ImageDo  people create these virtual profiles to live out an alter ego or do they create them just for an ego boost for their low self esteems?  Are people never really expecting someone to fall n love with the real them and create a fake them in order to have a few stolen moments of someone’s love?  or are people creating virtual profiles online because they never really expect someone to want to meet up with them so it doesn’t really matter anyway?  Is the world really so virtual now that we are just fitting in and creating a virtual us as part of what’s already there?  What is driving this trend?

Reality states that not everyone will like you or even think that you are a sex god but the percentages are in your favor that someone will like you just as you are.  Reality says that if you need to break up with someone they will be upset and try to hang on to the relationship but that means dealing with the reality head on and face to face instead of hiding behind a text.

Two of the most powerful things a human being can face is reality and their imperfections, to embrace those two things saves you time and upset.  If you can embrace yourself and sell that online “warts and all” and face the reality that no one is perfect then your reality will endure passed the first 10 dates.  If you cant face these two realities then the relationship is doomed from the outset because the “item is not sold as described” and that leaves space for a “returns and refunds.”

So if online relationships are now a part of our culture then let’s be real about it not virtual, let’s change those advertising quotes from “begin online” to “end in marriage” and not “end by texts”, let’s give people what they really need to make an informed decision, reality!


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